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Securing the go-to-market and the growth of a startup offering an innovative inspection services marketplace

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Transformation phases adressed

Let’s set the stakes

The client is a startup that has designed a first relase Minimum Viable Product) of a inspection services marketplace. This startup has opened its capital to a French group specializing in risk management and offering inspection services in a limited number of countries. This is an opportunity for this group to quickly achieve international coverage.

The startup having very ambitious objectives, its shareholder wishes to ensure that all the conditions are met for derisked growth.

How we intervened

Circularity support, carried out over 6 months by a pair of consultants combining digital expertise (B2B acquisition, marketplace platform), operations, information system, consisted of:

  • identify with the startup’s management team the different risk areas in the event of rapid growth,
  • define a work plan to eliminate these risks, covering in particular the following areas
    • operations (call center structuring, operational process structuring)
    • technology (second generation of the marketplace platform allowing scalability and security, target information system with, in particular, customer care, finance and business intelligence functions)
    • human resources (identification of key positions, and evaluation of candidates)
    • performance (construction of a deep analysis capabilty of the conversion funel)
  • manage this plan, while occasionally providing the necessary expertise to accelerate the start-up

The results we obtained

  • A startup strengthened on its weakest dimensions having hired all the suitable profiles
  • Operational processes that have proven themselves robust after a few months of activity
  • A clear technological roadmap whose first steps have been delivered as planned
  • A shareholder confident in the business plan of the startup

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