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Restructuring the customer relationship of a major parisian landlord

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Transformation phases adressed

Let’s set the stakes

As a major player in social housing in Paris and the surrounding suburbs, the client’s mission is to build, rehabilitate, renew territories, allocate housing, provide housing, ensure a pleasant living environment and animate local life. The client, which is ISO 9001 certified and committed to a corporate social responsibility approach, wishes to position itself as an exemplary and innovative social landlord in terms of customer relations.

With the restructuring of its tenant relationship, the client seeks to:

  • Make the tenant’s path easier to understand
  • Improve tenant satisfaction
  • Guarantee equal treatment of requests and fairness in responses to tenants
  • Promote the autonomy of tenants who wish to do so
  • Establish favorable working conditions, adapted career paths, and support for employees in contact with tenants
  • And more generally, transforming its culture, organization and internal processes in depth, as part of a continuous improvement process

How we intervened

The support was provided by a multi-disciplinary team combining different areas of expertise: customer relations, organization and processes, human resources and information systems. It consisted in clarifying the different dimensions of the subject, in order to provide a global response to the restructuring issue:

Organizational dimension: what articulation between the different contact channels (local agencies, contact center, website)? What missions for each contact channel?

Human resources dimension: how to develop the customer culture? what skills should be strengthened in the different teams? how to upgrade the jobs of employees in contact with tenants? how to imagine career development for these employees? how to size the teams to meet the demand?

Technological dimension: what are the current limitations of the information system in the face of the restructuring project? what are the key projects to be considered? with which solutions and which partners should these projects be carried out?
Programmatic dimension: how to phase the different stages of the transformation of the tenant relationship to combine value creation and risk minimization?

The results we obtained

The Circularity approach, both equipped (example of the IT Compass © information system diagnostic tool) and strongly involving the client’s teams, allowed:

  • A strong alignment of the different stakeholder structures (proximity, back-office, service provider relations, human resources, IS) on the initial diagnosis, the program objectives, and the projects to be implemented,
  • A strong mobilization of employees, and in particular of teams in contact with tenants,
  • To have a detailed and costed program plan that allows the CEO to make the commitment decision with confidence.

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